Year end accounts

Streamlining your accounting

It’s a simple yet vital fact of running a company; a set of year-end accounts must be filed with Companies House every year. Business owners often think they can manage this by themselves when they start. In our experience, this is often a gross underestimation of accounting. If you hire an accountant, there will be no nasty surprises round the corner.

So here we are – ready to complete your accounts at a moment’s notice and give you back the time and energy to continue working on your next business project. We’ll get your accounts completed ahead of time, and with a transparent review period to make sure you’re happy with everything we’ve done.

These accounts must be filed within 9 months after the company’s financial year-end, with the first set of accounts sent through within 21 months of registration with Companies House.

We can also offer management accounting services. If accounting was a broad stroke brush, management accounting is a fine art pencil, giving you a clear picture of how your business is performing day-to-day and allowing you more freedom to make instant
business decisions.

Get in touch today and lets start your journey to financial freedom!

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